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Incense Smoking Smoke ShopWe've all seen ads for Spice Incense, Herbal Buds, and Herbal Incense Smoke from one time or another. You've most likely wondered what all the big-hype is really about these Legal Highs, Herbal Smokes and Legal Herbal Buds. If so, you'll really benefit from our informative articles on Legal Smoke matters about Legal Herbal Incense Smoking and Legal Herbal Highs. Fist things first: the joy of smoking exotic legal herbs is absolutely nothing new. For 1000's of years many cultures have been doing it for either intoxication, medicinal, meditative, and spiritual purposes. It's perfectly natural thing in many cultures all over the world to combine a different herbs and spice blends to create traditional natural smoking blends.

Some herbs have powerful meditative, sedative, spiritual and medicinal properties. They all have their own unique distinct aroma, physiological effect, flavor and strength or potency. While smoking marijuana or other illegal drugs may not be socially acceptable, smoking legal herbs and legal incense blends does not have that same stigma in society. The truly best part of incense smoking is that it is perfectly legal anywhere that cigarette or tobacco smoking is allowed. So sit back, chill out, light up and read some of informative articles about legal highs and the art of herbal incense smoking.

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Incense Smoking

Incense Smoking is the latest innovation in smoking products to hit the market in North America. Herbal incense, as it is also called, is usually made up of plants and herbs that have traditionally had psychoactive properties. Some of the smoking herbs that you might find in a typical incense smoking product might include: • Kava • Elixir of the Sun • Damiana • Ginseng • Guarana • Indian Lotus • Skullcap

Many of these plants and herbs have been around for thousands of years—it's just that now people are making them into incense smoking products. Smoking herbal incense produces wide and varied effects in folks who try them—some people experience a peaceful sense of relaxation, while others feel light-headed and airy. What is common among everyone who uses incense smoking products is a general feeling that it is an excellent alternative to other smoking products on the market these days.

What is incense smoking? Most incense herbal smoking products come in a foil package or a plastic vial in amounts of 1, 3, or 5 grams. The package will usually say something like "Not for human consumption" because of FDA regulations. Although some people enjoy these incense smoking products simply by burning them as incense to scent the room, many others enjoy smoking herbs by rolling them with rolling papers or smoking them in a "hookah" pipe. Because many folks enjoy actually inhaling the incense smoke to experience a smoking high, and because the scent of many incense herbal smoking products is similar to marijuana, some people refer to it as "smoking legal buds".

What is incense smoking? It is a smoking alternative, like tobacco or marijuana, but one that happens to be legal. One very big drawback to marijuana that prevents many people from smoking it is the fact that it is illegal. In Western society today, it's just not possible to function without having to pass a drug test now and then, and THC is a common test criteria. For that reason alone, though a lot of people enjoy the smoking high they obtain from cannabis, they have to abstain from smoking it so as to be able to pass random drug testing.

Why smoking incense is popular. Smoking legal bud has increased dramatically in popularity in recent for this very reason. The plants and herbs found in herbal incense products are not currently tested for in any drug test, nor is it likely they will be. There has been some concern about supplementary chemicals that are occasionally sprayed on incense smoking products after three players were suspended from the LSU football program earlier this year, but is unclear exactly how the LSU administration came by this information. The NCAA has gone on record that their drugs tests do not test to see if a person has been smoking legal buds or not.

For others, smoking herbal incense is preferable to marijuana and other drugs because it avoids the social stigma that these substances have. Marijuana is illegal and carries with it the condemnation of those who do not understand the need for a smoking high. Tobacco smokers have sunk to somewhere below cow dung in public opinion these days, with smokers being forced out of workplaces, restaurants, and airplanes. Smoking herbal blends, on the other hand, gives off a pleasant aroma (that's why it's called incense) and far less is needed to experience the effects.

Many people find that smoking incense is an excellent way to kick the addiction of tobacco smoking. Incense smoking products are not addictive, and offer a way to gradually reduce one's dependence on the smoking high that tobacco gives. Plus, just the habit of toking on something in order to take away the stress is one thing that keeps nicotine addicts coming back—smoking herbal incense is one way to satisfy that need while still gradually moving away from the more addictive nicotine.

A history of smoking. And it's not as though smoking herbal blends of various psychoactive plants and herbs was a new trend. Ancient Babylonian culture used smoking as part of their religious ceremonies, possibly as long as 7,000 years ago. Native American tribes such as the Cherokee and Mohawks were using the peace pipe to celebrate sacred holidays and seal peace treaties between tribes long before the white man invaded North America. And ancient Chinese and Indian culture were smoking legal herb (at the time, of course) to commune with the spirit world and "lighten" their bodies.

Nor is smoking legal bud entirely a thing of the past. In many parts of California law-abiding citizens can be found smoking legal bud that they obtained at a medical marijuana dispensary. In places like San Francisco and Humboldt County, smoking bud is tolerated to the point that it might as well be legal. And in India even today, smoking cannabis in various forms is tolerated at many large Hindu festivals such as Shivrati and Holi. Wise men known as sadhus can be found wandering around smoking legal herb as an offering to the Hindu goddess Shiva.

Is incense smoking safe? Some opponents have questioned whether or not smoking herbal incense is safe. Part of the concern is due to the fact that tests of certain brands of herbal incense in July 2011 showed that they contain untested chemicals like JWH-018, JWH-073, AM-694, AM-2201, and RCS-4. All of these chemicals belong to the "synthetic cannabinoids" group, and each of them is thought to produce similar effects as THC but without the unpleasant side effects. However, many herbal incense vendors have now included labels on their products stating that their product does not include any of these chemicals. In fact, one manufacturer has gone so far as to post the lab results they obtained for their product on the website, where it can be viewed by anyone wishing to know whether any of the banned DEA substances are in their product (they're not).

What is incense smoking? Just the latest in a smoking culture that has included peoples from every major culture and continent and stretches back to several thousand years B.C.

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