Herbal Incense Review

The cloud of incense smoke is beginning to clear from our offices here, and people are starting to stumble out and find their way home. Incense reviews are never easy, and this year saw especially intense competition, with excellent new contenders, stellar performances from some old standbys, and a few surprise winners. For corporate reasons, we are not allowed to give out names of specific herbal incense brands, but if you are a regular herbal incense smoker, you should know which ones we're talking about.

And now, the highly anticipated Herbal Incense Review for the .

Herbal Incense Review for the Best Legal Herb Under $10 Per Gram: If you've been smoking herbal incense for very long, chances are you've tried this brand Soma. So you know what to expect from this vendor: hard-hitting incense with a great price tag to match. It's hit herbal incense reviews like a cloud of thick smoke, so to speak, and with good reason: it is to other herbal incense what chess is to checkers. You get the point. And at a very reasonable price, you just can't buy better legal bud than this for the money, hands down.

Herbal Incense Review for the Best Herbal Incense Between $10 and $20 Per Gram: The new clown in town looks like something from a nuclear disaster, and there were definitely some great contenders in this category, but at the end of the day there's gotta be a winner. Legal highs reviews have raved about how much better this brand is than any other even made by the same vendor, and endurance has been improved. But mostly the herbal incense review award goes to this brand Heat because they've got wild dagga flower tops in there, and it twists you like a roller coaster.

Herbal Incense Review for the Best Herbal Incense $20 Per Gram and Over: A short while back Herbal Incense Review received a sample packet from an indie company called this company, and gave it a shot. One hour later and we were lifelong fans. You won't see them on a lot of legal highs reviews, and that's a shame, because it's some of the best herbal incense we have ever tasted, and that's a fact. Sure, it's pretty pricey, but even the less expensive versions are worth every penny. If you can find some Fusion, don't hesitate.

Best New Legal Spice: Although anyone who's been smoking herbal incense since the beginning knows this brand called HARDCORE and that they are an established vendor, this is a new product line from them that is worthy of consideration. Stronger than anything that came before, (2x stronger? Hard to put a number on it, but definitely longer-lasting) and the incense always smells better than bread fresh out of the oven, so to speak. At a very economical price, this one's a sure bet.

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